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Name: Registry Winner
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Ease of Use: No Experience Needed
Overall Rating:9.8/10
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Summary:Registry Winner is a top-ranking error-resolution registry cleaner which will fix PC errors and optimize the system speed. In normal use, various annoying registry errors will gradually creep into your system, causing problems such as slow speed, blue screens, deadlock, error messages etc.

“Common DoubleMySpeed Complaints”
Many people have heard about and have also attempted to install this programme. For those who are in the dark of what is all about, this website claims to be able to speed up your PC by cleaning up the registry files. However, according to many reviews, this is a scam and there are many complaints about this website not living up to its standards. Among the many grouses that customers have are:

1. Problems Remain Unresolved

Many people have claimed that they have fallen into the Double My Speed Scam. The reason is that many people have gotten themselves a two-year plan but problems will start to occur ten days later. Many have claimed that they could not even get a technician to fix their problem. Some even tried to call the help centre numerous times but could not get even hold of someone to speak to.

2. Having To Pay For Repairs

Many common DoubleMySpeed Complaints are that customers need to pay for what is supposedly a free service for an installed programme. When some customers called up to try to get a technician to help them to fix their problems, they need to pay an extra charge to be able to proceed to resolve the problems solved. Customers are misled in believing that technical services will be provided at no extra cost. There are many free programmes that can obviously do a better job than

3. Free Trial Scam

Another common displeasure that customers have about the Double My Speed scam is that their free trial offered by this website does not appear to include any sort of anti-virus or anti-spyware functions. Many customers felt cheated and ripped off after realising this and many would not proceed to even pay for this programme which does not live up to its words.

4. Bad Experience With Customer Representative

A customer claimed that he decided to try DoubleMySpeed because he was having problems with his page loading at snail pace. He tried to use their free trial scan for errors and decided to give their representative a call before proceeding with the payment to clean up his computer system. However, he spent two hours on the phone with a technician who is from India and the technician proceeded to ‘fix’ his problems by hacking into his computer system.

5. Marketing Gimmicks

When customers use the DoubleMySpeed free trial error scan, there will be hundreds of supposed ‘errors’ that needs to be fixed. Some of these errors are not actual problems that require your attention. This is to get customers to purchase the programme after giving them a scare on the number of threats that their computers have. Many have claimed that this programme is a scam and does not do any good to their computer system.

There are many online scams like that requires customers to pay a lot of money for something that seemed to work but the fact is that it is just another online scam. If you were to purchase any online programmes that you are not familiar with, be sure to ask around to make sure that you do not fall into these online scams.

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If your computer is running slow, you’d better have a registry cleaner, help your computer run faster, clean up disk errors, speed up Internet explorer. I strongly recommend Registry Winner. I used it for some time, have a good online service, pretty good. If you feel no good, it guaranteed by 60 days money-back. More see Top 5 Registry Cleaner For 2014.

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